Welcome to the Positive Youth Development Lab


Welcome to the Positive Youth Development Lab at Mizzou! This lab is directed by Jordan A. Booker, Ph.D. and was founded in 2018. The research in this lab is broadly focused on the development of social and emotional skills from late childhood into early adulthood. We study ways youth and their parents interact with and influence each other, aspects of development that shape how people understand themselves and their life stories, and the ways different social skills are linked to well-being and adjustment in daily life.

Our lab is located in McAlester Hall on the Mizzou campus and is part of the MU Department of Psychological Sciences. Please feel free to browse our website to become more familiar with our previous and current work.

If you think you may be able to contribute to some of our upcoming projects, you can reach us at our lab email (pydatmizzou@gmail.com), phone number (573-882-9609), or through the Contact page of our website.

Recent Lab News and Events