Lab Contributions to A Commentary on Improving Health Equity Research and Inclusion in Biomedical Research

Dr. Booker recently contributed to a public letter from the Society for Research in Child Development’s (SRCD) Black Caucus, in response to a request for information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This request was seeking ways to strengthen racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in biomedical research, and to advance research regarding health disparities and health equity research.

This research group of 16 scholars, led by Dr. Joanna L. Williams of Rutgers University, pointed to current challenges and hurdles to representation and equity in biomedical science, with possible implications to minoritized families and for underrepresented researchers across the United States. This group also made a set of recommendations for NIH to consider as part of their ongoing efforts.

That statement can be found in full here. As researchers focused on children’s and families’ health and development, we hope to encourage more conversations and focused resources toward improving representation, support, and engagement in important topics of science and research.