Current Projects

Adolescent-Mother Storytelling and Adolescent Resilience

For this project, we are recruiting adolescents (12-to-14-years-old) and mothers to participate in a research project looking at mother-adolescent interactions during autobiographical storytelling, and ways young people and their mothers understand themselves and their families.

adolescent-adult-beautiful-618544Beginning in February of 2019, families will be asked to visit the lab, located in McAlester Hall on the MU campus, at three time points over the course of nine months.

Families will complete joint storytelling about autobiographical experiences and questionnaires about different views of the self and the family.

Each session is expected to last 1.5 hours.

For each completed study session, families will be compensated $50 for their time.

If you are interested in possibly participating, please call (573) 882-9609 to learn more about the project and complete some screener questions. You can also reach out for further contact by using our online contact form here.



Adolescent Girl in ClassroomHigh School Experiences and College Goals

We are seeking PSYCH 1000 SONA students (ages 18 years or older) to complete an online study about their high school experiences and the ways they currently view themselves and their goals in college.

This study involves three online surveys. Each survey will be open for a two-week span.

  • Survey 1: March 4 to March 22
  • Survey 2: April 1 to April 12
  • Survey 3: April 29 to May 10

Participation is expected to take no more than one hour for each of the three surveys.

College Man at Desk

For each of the completed study phases, participants will receive 2 SONA credits, for up to 6 credits. Because you can only receive so many SONA credits for online studies, please make sure you can still receive 6 more credits for participating if interested.

If interested, please check the SONA system for the study “High School Experiences and College Goals”. You may sign up early and will be sent reminders as data collection nears for each survey period.