Current Projects

Studies Involving Family Interactions and Positive Outcomes

Adolescent-Mother Storytelling and Adolescent Resilienceadult-blur-boy-935951

The lab is following up with families who entered this project before COVID-19 disrupted life for Missourians. This study focuses on interactions between mothers and early adolescents (12-to-14-years old). We are working to see how children moving into the early teens are able to discuss stories of their lives and the ways their mothers continue to be important sources of feedback and insight in family storytelling.

Studies Involving High Schooler Functioning and Health

In collaboration with the Cor Foundation, we have been contributing to projects that Adolescent Girl in Classroomconsider the impact of the high school environment on students’ adjustment, including feelings of belonging and feeling capable of contributing to a positive and uplifting social environment. We are continuing to work with Cor at specific school sites to address general trends in the school climate and measure attempts to intervene and further promote student adjustment through focused activities with groups of students. We hope to have specific updates to provide in the coming weeks.

Studies Involving Early Adult Functioning and Health

children-community-family-9746A major focus of the lab involves addressing aspects of the college adult experience, including the transition to college and major personal and social factors that contribute to psychological health and academic success for college adults. Our most recent projects have addressed change during the early college and the role of both personal memory organization and social support from family and friends in predicting changes in student adjustment, as well as the impacts of high school activities that are maintained in the college setting as predictors of adjustment. We are excited to continue analyzing and addressing questions on the rich predictors of college adjustment among students.